Hi and welcome to my world of photography! I am Angelina and I am a Professional Portrait and Wedding Photographer and the owner of La Femme Photography based out of Santa Barbara, CA. 

I love sharing this beautiful gift of photography and connecting with amazing people. It is an honor to be able to photograph one of the happiest moments of a couples life during their wedding, a newborn in the first couple of weeks of his or her life, a child's first year, and families wanting to preserve a moment in time that we all know is way too fleeting.  As each year clicks by I have the opportunity to meet and connect with more amazing people and listen to their stories. I truly enjoy photographing the love and twinkle in my clients eyes and creating lasting memories for them. 

Love & Blessings,
Angelina Toporov
La Femme Photography



Favorite Quote: "Follow your Bliss." Joseph Campbell
Favorite Book: The Alchemist, by Paolo Coelho
Favorite Movie: The Notebook
Education: B.A., Brooks Institute of Photography, 2002

These are a few of my favorite things: 
I love traveling with my family.
Visiting museums and art exhibits! They are so inspirational.
I love going to the beach. Especially warm sand on my toes.
Photographing my family. They are my muse!  
I love music.
I love dancing.
I love reading to my son. His favorite book is Llama Lama Gram and Grandpa. 
I love eating. I am a self-procaimed FOODIE. 
I love wine & cheese. 
I love my kitchen. I love cooking and baking (my ultimate joy and zen place).
Taking day-trips to nearby towns with my family and my camera in tow.
I love yoga. 
I love Jazz, and I just learned- so does my 3.5 year old son!